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Wesleyan Theology in Europe

Forfatter: Jørgen Thaarup

Wesleyan Theology in Europe

Theological traditions of Wesleyan teaching and thoughts are parallel in several churches and inner church organizations.

This book is a presentation of the Wesleyan theology as developed from John and Charles Wesley in the British context of the 18th century to the number of churches, education institutions and organizations all over Europe in the beginning of the 21st century.

The academic protestant theology used to focus on the discipline of Christian Thought, and many presentations from a Lutheran and Calvinistic perspective have been made. This book of Christian Thought in European Wesleyan tradition is unique from the perspective of the development of doctrines and systematic theology within the Wesleyan tradition of Europe, and from the perspective of multireligious 21st century. It gives a short presentation of the variety of Wesleyan theology, mostly what is written and published in academic theology.

The book is a resource for students, pastors and scholars to learn about the Wesleyan theological tradition and to find inspiration for further studies in the historical and contemporary Wesleyan theology. The extended bibliography contains publications in many languages.

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